Five Eyes Production-en / 26 December 2015

“we create tailored connexions in order for the event to exist and to sublime both the project and the brand.”

Led by its creators, David Setrouk & David Koskievic , both passionated by movies and entertainment, the agency is working with selected partners who are experts in their field: press, Public Relations & Celebrities, event production … in order to imagine, create and implement personalized concept, as a means of communication, which will mark the minds of the media and educate the public.

4 areas of activity

ICONE-1This innovative approach allows products and brands to benefit from a partnership / sponsorship tailor- made around the release of an artistic work or the launch of a sporting event to maximize their visibility and their image through media coverage of high radiation.

ICONE-2In direct relationship with producers and distributors, the agency offers customized solutions to create the event as well as the buzz around a film launch, a show premiere, art project and even sports event, highly broadcasted.

ICONE-3As a direct consequence, Five Eyes Production also offers to brands the opportunity to access to a large range of films and musics, national or international, currently in post production. All this in order to allow staging and visibility of their products, within scenario and to be benefit from the hearing and renown of the project as well as its broadcasting.

ICONE-4Through the cross-communication built on artistic and sports projects, in the presence of celebrities, Five Eyes Production has established itself as a key player in the linkage between production, celebrities and brands.

The creators

David Setrouk, Managing Partner

david-setroukKey Public Relations figure in Paris for more than 20 years, David Setrouk has managed some of the most prestigious venues of the capital: Salons de l’Arc, the Buddha Bar, the Bar Fly and the Bus Palladium. At the same time, he launched into music production and released in 2005 his first compilations: Catherine Deneuvre, Karl Lagerfeld « My favorite songs » in association with VOGUE magazine and Roland Garros. Movie fan since always, from the French classics (Melville, Sautet, Godard, Verneuil, Lautner, Lelouch…) to American movies through its talented actors such as Paul Newman, Marlon Brando, Sean Penn but also through Robert De Niro, Al Pacino, Clint Eastwood and Meryl Streep. He stands out as an accomplished movie buff.

David Koskievic, Managing Partner


He began his career as a public relations at the Palace, alongside Cathy and David Guetta. His career in their Parisian establishments (Les Bains, Le tanjia, Suite) allows him to rub many celebrities through the events he organized : Jaquetta Wheeler, Mario Testino, Carmen Kass … during the fashion weeks. Hunted by the direction of Mynt entertainment in Miami, he moved over there for 5 years as director of public relations to establish and organize many evenings, especially during Art Basel, Tony Schafrazi, Karl Lagerfeld, Paris Hilton, Puff Daddy, Pamela Anderson or the Jalouse magazine.

David then took the opportunity of a family away for a few years to return to settle in Paris.

Both were longtime friends and benefit from a strong experience, David Setrouk and David Koskievic associated in early 2014 to build on their skills and networks, in order to serve creation and to develop Five Eyes production.